Didn't get a chance at them yet. I had a little time to play the other night, and on my way to the pod I was going to check out I passed over another debris field I hadn't investigated yet, so I checked it out. Turned out to be quite worth it - I got the last piece of SeaMoth I needed to scan to unlock the blueprint. Of course, after searching around and finally getting back to my base I looked at the time and I had to call it a night. Didn't even build one yet.

But that will be first on the list of things to do when I get back in! Looking at the bp, I know I have the mats for it. I've already built a mobile vehicle assembly thingy (hoping it would grant a piece of a bp to something when I did so, no luck.) so I should be able to make that happen straight away. Then to pod 17 for sure this time. At least I think so. After checking that out it will be on to pod 19 and the deepest of the dives I've had so far.

I also did some work on the base, I pulled off two of the tubular sections, replaced one with a 3-way, and added on a scanner room and another tube. So the base now looks much less symmetrical and has a rather large growth protruding out of one side.

I've picked up a few mods too, thought it seems not all of them are compatible with the Epic version of the game. I have an "Easy Build' mod which will assemble components into final products, skipping some of the clicking you'd have to do. Example would be making disinfected water when you have the items needed for bleach - all you do is make the water and the bleach is assemble and consumed for the water automatically. It will also take mats from nearby storage, saving the need to go back and forth to the lockers to swap out items.

I was hoping the clock mod (you can build a couple different types of clocks into your base) would work but sadly it doesn't. I'd like to be able to glance at the time periodically but with the HMD on it makes it tough. So I set an alarm on my phone and keep it in my pocket.

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