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EDIT: Would this not also include Falcon 4.0, or was that just the use of the more popular "Microprose" name after a Spectrum HoloByte buyout?

If I'm not mistaken, HASBRO bought Microprose sometime during development of Falcon 4 or soon after it was released.

Ah, you're right, I forgot about HASBRO.

BTW, wasn't the Atari name later somehow involved with the Falcon brand? I remember a poster named Mower constantly dissing "fake Atari" on Frugal's World but as time goes on, I'm forgetting the Falcon history.

I remember when another sim dev Graphsim published Allied Force (developed by Lead Pursuit).

The rusty wire that holds the cork that keeps the anger in
Gives way and suddenly it’s day again
The sun is in the east
Even though the day is done
Two suns in the sunset, hmph
Could be the human race is run