LOL you're right, it does look like a vehicle of some kind! My first reaction to the structural issues was to put in some reinforcements, but I don't have a source for one of the components yet (can't remember which one.)
The base is going to be slightly remade very soon, I've unlocked the scanner room and want to put one up. I also unlocked the laser cutting tool and found another piece of the Sea Moth - one more left to unlock it.

I was on my way to one of the pod signals to check it out when I ran across a debris field I hadn't found before. I spent some time poking around and found a big section that I could get into. It seemed like there was another room to it, but I couldn't access it. I'll return with the cutting tool and see if I can get in that way. Some of the debris was tough to get to, there were a few sand sharks flopping around in the area. They got me once or twice, but I think I managed to scan everything in the field.

I'm really enjoying the game, I'm glad I jumped into it.

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