Nice base JC. Futuristic. Looks like the base itself could take off and drive around with a bit of propulsion. For integrity I used reinforcements anywhere I didn't want to put a window or glass. Moonpools are good for this as I usually had no more than a single window, if that, and that leaves a number of spots for reinforcements. And if I did a stack of multipurpose rooms I would line the bottom one with reinforcement panels and that meant the upper floors could be all glass. Be sure to place the reinforcement before attaching lockers to that wall section, otherwise you have to unload the lockers, disassemble them, and then rebuild them after the panel is in place.

Sea Glide is handy, and I kept it on me throughout the whole game, ready to go on speed dial. But the Sea Moth is the thing that really opens up the map. If you can spare the space for a storage box or two it is even more useful.

I wish I could play this game again new.

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