I think people tend to love the era in which they were young and everything was more fun. My Dad loved the 1950's Red Wings with Howe, Lindsay,, etc.. Even though I did enjoy the Red Wings success's of 97,98,02,and 08, I loved the late 80's and early, 90's era of Bure, Mogilny, and Selanne. I remember when people went to games to watch the games, not to be part of a social media picture day or to be seen in the expensive seats (status signaling). I remember in the eighties you didn't really bring your wife/girlfriend to the Blackhawks or Leafs games because it was just too #%&*$# rowdy in the stands. You certainly didn't take the kids. It's different now for sure, but it's somebody else's time.

"Not everything you read on the Internet is true", Abraham Lincoln