Focused on base building last night, and found a few new things along the way. First, the base in its current form.

[Linked Image]

A slightly different angle.

[Linked Image]

From above

[Linked Image]

...and coming home

[Linked Image]

Some details...

I found out the hard way that too much glass weakens the structure. The original base had a vertical tube leading to a glass compartment for the view. I also had 1 window in each of the solid tubes after the glass angled pieces. The base ruptured and began to leak. I quickly deconstructed all the glass pieces and repaired the damage (once I realized the repair tool just might do that!). I then pieced together the structure as you see it now, with two glass angled parts looking over the dropoff and entrances on each side of the base. I also put a beacon on it to make finding it easier. I can't use the keyboard in VR (I mean it won't work, not that I can't do it) so I may have to jump into the game in pancake mode and rename the beacon (and lockers too while I am at it).

Along the way, I picked up the blueprint for fabric mesh, so now I can make a radiation suit and head to the Aurora. I also crafted a rebreather, which I found will help mitigate faster O2 depletion when diving below 100m, and I figured out how to switch air tanks too. Now I travel with 2 high cap tanks. I noticed that when I put a fresh tank on, even if it was filled, it is never at full capacity when I switch tanks under water.

I also discovered a better water source than bladderfish. Bleach makes bigger bottles and they are the same size in the inventory, so now I've stocked up on those.

I also made a compass, which should make navigating using the map much easier.

Next up for me is to re-visit the pods I've already been to so I can make sure I've thoroughly exploited all there is there, being very careful with 19 (the one in the trench.) I may make a test dive down to it and back up to see how much air that takes so I can better gauge how long I can explore down there.

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