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So...how bout them Raptors ? I hope they win in Toronto. Toronto hasn't had Champion in a long time. 1994 for the World Series.
I know KraziKanuk..67 67. biggrin

The Argos won the Grey Cup in 2017.
Toronto FC league Champions 2018.

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The last year when the Stanley Cup actually meant something. Six teams....

I would say it is much tougher to win now then in 67. Many more teams, much longer season, players are tougher and rougher in the game.
Much more of a grind than in the six team era.
Even players that played then say, the players today are better, faster and shot harder and more accurate then they did.
Also there was a lot less travelling in the six team area then the current era, Perhaps 2 games a week at max.....Now 3 to 4 games a week...which takes a toll...even in jet aircraft.
In the six team area you played in one time zones with the exception of Chicago..., Now you play in three...

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