Good progress JC. Thanks for updating, it's fun to follow. The pod you mentioned in the spoilers is probably #19? That was my signpost on my route to and from my deep bases, so I know the trench it had fallen in. By the way, you can carry extra O2 tanks and swap them out. Be sure to equip and surface with each to ensure they are filled with air before diving.

Now that you have a Sea Glide your depth capability is increased. The speed will allow you go up and down much faster. And once you have a Seamoth your mobility is greater again.

And about your base... yes, lots of glass! They look so much better that way, for me anyway, especially at night. Gotta get your integrity up if you use glass. I liked the reinforcements, but foundations and bulkheads work too.

You're making good progress. How do you like the game?

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