Got a lot of time in last night and made some good progress. I went to three other life pods, got the needed SeaGlide part scanned, and started a base a few hundred meters from my pod. I’ve also transferred all of my mats from the pod and storage lockers to the new base. I didn’t grab a screenie yet because it’s not quite done.

After getting the SeaGlide from the first pod, I did a little scrounging and got radio. Calls from another pond which sank near an underwater cave. Shortly after, I got another call from the First Officer of the Aurora, mentioning a rally point. The rally point was garbled but I was able to get the location of the pod it was sent from.

I travelled to the first pod and retrieved a PDA and scanned a few parts laying around then made my way to the second pod. This one was located in a very deep breath underwater cave. It was more than 200 meters down, so far down that my O2 supply wasn’t sufficient to get me down, look around briefly, and get back to the surface. I died and returned to me new base. I did scan a new higher capacity air tank, which I will at temp to build as soon as I can lay my hands on the Lithium needed. So far I haven’t found any in my scrounging, but I haven’t spent as much time searching around my base as I would like to.

My base so far consists of a couple of tube compartments, a fabricator, a radio, and storage lockers. It’s powered by a couple of solar panels, and it’s located just past the border between the Shallows and the Kelp Forest on an outcropping of rock about 40 meters down. Oh and I put in a window, it does have a rather nice view!

Elite Dangerous: CMDR JohnnyChemo
MWO: Johnny Keemo

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