Looks cool. I'm thinking about something overlooking the kelp forest. The idea was to be able to have access to air without having to go all the way to the surface as well as having a place to store my stuff (which is getting to be an issue.)

What structures can I put wall lockers into? I tried to put one in the pod, found out that was impossible. Right now it looks as if all I have available to build are the connecting tubes (going from memory, I unlocked the habitation tool just before I called it a night) and a few other parts, nothing looking like the bigger spaces I see in your builds. I could be wrong, and I'll have more time to get into it tonight.

One of the escape pods mentions having issues with their SeaGlide. I've already scanned one of the pieces for that so I'm hoping going to that pod will give me access to it (don't tell me!). I got a message from another pod, but that one didn't give me a beacon, just a location relative to an as yet unfound pod.

Gasopods - are those the guys that emit the toxic yellow gas? They got me last night, I thought I was far enough away but apparently not!

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