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Sure VR had been discussed for future implementation.
However, out of what I've heard, current sets of VR aren't yet high resolution enough for displaying ALL needed info of the F-16 cockpit. It's nice that DCS are using VR, but do you really see everything clear with it? I mean stuff like A-G radar (Oh wait, DCS don't have :p), TGP, Mavericks, etc?

I can only comment on the Rift S that I have which might not be representative of others coming out like the HP Reverb that have higher res lenses.

Resolution and quality seems to be a step up from the Rift CV but not by much - still 100 miles away from a 1080 monitor if that is what you are used to.

The Field of View is not much different to track IR - is also a lot easier to look around with TiR.

Can I use Mavericks etc - well yes in the A-10C for example - i do need to lean right in and strain to read the small writing but can be done.

Differences are that the headset renders everything as 3D and expect most never bothered with 3D monitors - so the cockpit switches and panels stick out...however the A-10C might need to be redone because it looks a bit like a cardboard cutout in places.

The sense of scale is different regarding objects around you - oh and you need to take it very slow at first to allow your body to get used to it without feeling sick.

I got a Rift over others due to internal 6DOF tracking and passthrough. Passthrough is experimental but allows you to switch in game and to look through the cameras at the outside world - currently all you see is a blurry black and white mess so it might stop you falling down the stairs but not good for much else.

Other than that - the included sound is poor so am just using my headphones.

I can get 40fps on the lowish VR settings in DCS - this is itself scaling to half refresh rate basically because I don't have the power ( native is 80hz) - I have plugged both the DisplayPort and USB 3 into my RTX 2080 (have used USB A to USB C adapter)

I would not recommend Rift S for flight sims for anybody now but the potential is still there to be great - maybe Rift 4 with an RTX 4080ti

I would say it needs

Clarity to match at least a 1080 monitor.
much larger FOV
Internal Handtracking so you can interact with the pit (that others are developing now)
A better passthrough view so I make things out.

I have pulled the foam scuba mask bit off the lenses for now so I can at least see the real world and orient myself if I lose the mouse - this also lets air to the lenses to stop them steaming up.

Also for Falcon 4 there is the matter of getting documentation into VR so you can see it - so can do this via WDP quite easily but a click area could be added to enable/disable the pilots legs and board I guess.

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