Hello Blade, glad you're enjoying the FM tweaks. In terms of SweetFX, I'm still running ver. 4.18 of WOFFue (once I get patched up to 4.23 I will report back if there are any problems with SweetFX). ReShade I never could get running with WOFFue.

Been testing my SweetFX settings further and while they still have the green pasture saturated look, for those interested, subtle changes can be included if you modify the numbers under "Bloom Settings" in the fx settings file to read, for example, as:

#define BloomThreshold 36.00
#define BloomPower 2.546
#define BloomWidth 0.0342

Those values decrease bloom effects a bit more (by about 10 or 15%) than in the settings file included with my current tweaks package.

Also possible is to disable bloom effects entirely by entering 0 instead of 1 for the "#define USE_BLOOM" entry under "Choose effects" in the settings file.

Representative pics below of more subtle bloom (first two pics), and no bloom (last two pics). Obviously results will vary from setup to setup and monitor to monitor - as always, tweak to taste.

My slightly saturated tweaks are largely an experiment to get greener grass in WOFFue and extra sharpness/detail - I can now spot those sneaky fences from half a mile away. biggrin

Happy flying,
Von S smile2

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