Very nice pics. there Redwolf, and subtle lighting and shadow effects. I tried getting ReShade to run but it gives me CTDs (specifically the CFS3.exe crashes) in WOFFue, so I went with the JSGME-friendly version of SweetFX instead. The CTDs may be specific in my case since I'm in BootCamp on a Mac Pro (2013), with the AMD Fire Pro card (two of them, crossfired) - so those not running an AMD card may have more luck with ReShade. Anyway, those interested in loading the SweetFX tweaks will be able to find a link to the package near the bottom of my long post under the "WOFFue on a Mac" thread - the link should be up in a day or two once CombatAce approves the file. (A couple of "before" and "after" pics with SweetFX included below, with fall colors this time.)

Happy flying,
Von S smile2

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