How cryptic! That certainly makes me want to dig a little deeper in! biggrin

I managed to spend a little more time in game, and wound up being able to find adequate food and water, as well as some other odds and ends. I crafted a scanner, I see its value. I've got a few items on my list I'd like to build, but need to find the mats for first (ie fins, bigger capacity O2 tank, repair tool, radiation suit), so more exploring is on the list. Found I had the items needed to make a battery, so I did. I can't use it for anything yet, but its a thing I have in my inventory now.

I don't know if its the event you alluded to, but there was an explosion on the Aurora. Not sure what that means overall, but it happened.

I'm glad this thread popped up, the game has been on my list of things I wanted to get to, and it gets a lot of love in VR circles (with good reason), so I'm glad this gave me the impetus to jump in, so to speak!

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