Couldn't do it Saturday night, I got home later than anticipated was just too tired to try something new. I did get into it for a little bit last night, though. Swam around a little bit, found a little something just under the surface and dove to go get it. Apparently I was under water too long and died. So I tried some more. This time I starved to death. But, I did manage to make an O2 tank so I could swim under water a little longer. It's pretty cool in VR, everything is all around you, some of the underwater plants were huge! I'm going to keep at it for a bit, but I'm interested.

I do wish there were some direction given for new players, maybe some missions to accomplish to learn some of the basic tasks of the game, or some sort of basic tutorial tasks to accomplish. It seems to literally drop you in the middle of the ocean and leave you be.

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