Hey JC, were you able to give it a go? What did you think?

I've now made it beyond the point where my first run ended. Can't really say much about it without spoilers. I could/should have looked up where I was going, as I spent probably two hours wandering around at 1300m looking for the entrance, all the while hounded by warpers and leviathans. Warpers suck. I built the repulsion cannon so when they remove me from the Prawn I can send them flying away, which buys time to get back in and move on.

Speaking of the Prawn, I am really enjoying it this time. I am doing late game stuff, looking for a way to get off the planet, and I am going everywhere in this thing. In the first run, I mostly used the Cyclops to transport the Prawn to wherever I wanted to use it, then would deploy it, use it, and return to the sub. But this time around my Cyclops is just sitting at my DGR base while I play an underwater exo-Tarzan. With the right modifications, and once you get the hang of it, the Prawn can move very quickly, at times faster than even the Seamoth. It's just a lot of fun navigating the gameworld in this thing.

I don't know how close I am to finding a way off, but I am now seeing the things I had not gotten to before. The story has gained momentum and it's cool stuff. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure