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I love to read all the flame wars that are caused by anyone who attacks BMS/Falcon. They keep me laughing in my retirement years in Oregon.

I don't know if you remember me, but we flew together a few times when you lived in Miami as a resident and I lectured on employment contracts for docs.

Hi Sobe,

Sure I remember you. How are you? I'm in Denver these days with a wife, kids, a mortgage, a couple of tech companies (yep... no more medicine) ... you know... no time to retire yet....and sadly, no time for real sims like Falcon. I'm relegated to 30-minute sessions of VR games one a week if I'm lucky.

To be clear, I wasn't trying to start or engage in a flame war. I respect the hell out of BMS. Was just having a little nostalgic fun, sharing my enthusiasm for the deep immersion of VR, and remembering my old buddy Steve. His death came as a true shock to me.

I changed my original Post title and content to make it more respectful to Steve and BMS. My humor is often hard to see....

I have no doubt that the passion and intellectual prowess of the BMS guys are just as high as any other group that came before them. And since they hung on longer than any other group that came before them, their contribution is likely greater in volume and iterative improvement (all software needs refactoring and rethinking)

and BTW. when I referred to his "secret gift" to this community, I wasn't talking about the fact that he was the producer of the sim. He was paid for that... and that was no secret.


Wish I could just have one more flight with you, Steve.


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