One Seamoth is named Longbow, since I pilot it like an attack helo, nap of the seafloor. Legacy name from my first run

I'll have my secretary contact you to collect the royalty check on that one. wave

Johnny, definitely give it a try. Do NOT read spoilers or watch youtube guides that will hold your hand on everything unless you're absolutely stumped on a specific thing like how the interface works (I couldn't figure out how to install modules in some of the equipment despite having everything in my inventory).

Just go through the game. There is a little bit of grinding if you play in survival mode, but I think that it adds to the tension and adrenaline you feel when you enter a new and risky area. It's like playing DayZ for hours to find the best gear for your character and then hear a shot whiz by from an unknown direction and land a few feet from you. The adrenaline gets pumping.