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LOL Archie.

Can anyone think of another tv series where a major character was a protagonist for several seasons and then turned out to be the opposite in the last season of the show?

Not picking on you in general, Panzer--just your posts stand out. :P Going backwards in this thread, since I finished series last night...

If you recall, Daenerys brother was sick, twisted, evil and nuts, and her father, the Mad King, was also ruthless. This turn of her personality has been in her blood since she was born, and way back in season one when the she met with the witch, there was arguably some foreshadowing of what was to become of her--the whole death for life thing, and that dream she had where she approached the throne in a later season, and was taken from it, never claiming title as queen.

So the framework has long been in place for her to fail in her quest--that she went mad, that's in her DNA.

She had to die. There is no way to atone for the deaths of millions beneath her torch. The crime must be paid for by her own blood. I'm glad finally, for once in Jon Snow's life, he grew decisive, stopped being a cuck, and manned up and did what he had to do. Otherwise, he never was intelligent enough to rule the seven kingdoms. That Sansa is the north--is debateable, too. Despite what Tyrion said.