This is my third base. Late game stuff is centered around a couple of quite deep locations, and this base provides easier access to these spots. Pressure from depth (500m) means an extensive use of reinforcements, but it's easy to maintain integrity provided you don't make it entirely of glass.

The nearer stack of multipurpose rooms has a two-story alien containment, home to two Cuddlefish and a number of Reginalds. Moonpool in the center with scanner room jutting out from there. I have built a Prawn and a Cyclops, but they are still in Safe Shallows as I am struggling to find the grappling hook arm. I'll bring both down here eventually. I plan to add a second moonpool to support the multiple vehicles (I have two Seamoths as well).

The far stack of MP rooms has fabrication and water filtration on the bottom floor, and my quarters are on the top with the observatory to soak in the views. A third stack of MP rooms is planned as a farm. Don't need another source of food, but more a roleplay thing.

A shot with the HUD elements

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