30 April 1915

Lennart Altendorf writes: :0504: Photo Mission over the trenches south of Arras. Vfw Leffers in support. 2 hours 6 minutes.

Bailleul Town
Dugan Vystavel writes: "0619: Scouting Mission over the trenches east of Ypres. Lt Weller leading. 1 hour 30 minutes.
1320: Artillery Spotting over the lines west of Lens, Lt Lehman leading. We had just reached altitude and were turning south toward the target area when Lt Lehman’s engine caught fire. We followed him west toward home but then his BE flipped over and plunged 6,000 feet all the way to the ground with no attempt to pull out. We marked the place where they came down and headed back to Bailleul Town, which was only four miles away. We fired a red flare as we crossed the field and landed. After making our report. Captain Shaw asked Major Lewis if he wanted us to resume the mission. The major said we both seemed pretty shaken up, which was to be expected, and he had three crews sitting around waiting for an assignment. We’ll be taking tomorrow off as well. In Memoriam Captain James McTavish and Lieutenant Edgar Lehman. 51 minutes.

Noel Kay writes: "We are still drowning."

Corrigan Aujla writes: "This infernal rain has us under its thumb again."

Odis Forst writes: "The storm isn't over yet."

Filimor Hance writes: "It's raining again."

Some people are born stupid. I've had to work hard my whole life to get this way. I'm proud of the job I've done