Naval Action releases in <30 days.

I consider this the best Age of Sail naval simulator available currently. So I hope it is ok to post about it here. After all these years of early access I am very happy this one is finally being released.

When I say the best age of sail naval simulator available. I am of the opinion that it is not specifically a simulator but it is more complex than say, war thunder. If that gives a fair comparison. You do have to control the yards in a grouped but fairly realistic way. A little speedier than a real crew would be able to do it. But you do have control of the mainsail, foresail and jibs as well as the sails in between which iirc are bundled in with jib control. The spanker does what it wants iirc. It's been a while. Suffice to say the wind is modelled and does change even during battle I think. But it's not like the worlds weather is modelled properly and realistically.

I don't think we have anything for the age of sail like silent hunter. But it is open world based grindy game. All the ships are modelled off real ships. Which used to be considered sim like in it's own right back in the 90s.

I love the age of sail and thought others here may appreciate the heads up.

"Hello Captains

We are undergoing finalization of the last couple of patches and notices and are doing the stress testing of the game infrastructure to support a smooth launch of the game.

This means that release day is going to happen in June 2019 within 30 days from today.

This all will not happen without you. Thank you each and everyone for support, positive feedback and criticism that is making the game better and better every day.

More information will follow."