I have never ventured east of the Aurora. I've spent some time off the stern, and off the bow, but not much! Sammy doesn't like me.

I thought about doing hardcore mode this run, but with a year away I decided to try Survival, since the first run was in Freedom. I'm 35 hours in and have yet to die. Been close a number of times. But yet to actually punch my ticket. Kiss of death I reckon. There is lots of danger in this game, but most of it isn't lethal. And what is, I try to stay away from.

Here's my second base. If you haven't seen this biome maybe here's a reason to keep exploring smile I like thermal power in this game and this is a good spot. You can see the three thermal generators at the bottom of the shot astride the lava geyser. Two are in 74C water and the center one in 75C. Good, reliable energy source that requires no upkeep. Plug and play. The base is still in the early stages. Bottom multipurpose room is the fabrication and filtration room and the top floor has the observatory to soak in the magnificent views. I couldn't find a good way to attach a moonpool, and you see it has the stumpy leg that looks crap. As the base gets it's sprawl on perhaps I'll eventually find a better spot for the moonpool. I now have three bases, one near the lifepod (shown above), this one and another down deep for easy access to late game stuff. So resources and time are split between them all and this base is coming along slowly. It sits at 230m.

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Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure