I haven't been creeped out yet in quite awhile as I've gotten used to most things I see. However I've not hardly explored the world yet so I know there are things to come. At the beginning when I first got the game in EA the Stalkers scared me. Now they are no so bad. smile I will free swim with them now and if they get cranky with me, I give them a whack with my knife. I've actually killed them with my knife along with another similarly sized creature. I love the underwater environment of the game and things like the sound of your Seamoth hitting something. Sounds just like when I would play with big heavy metal pots in the pool as a kid.

I know I'm in for way more but thinking about the creepiness angle, I think it would be cool if someone made a game that combined Subnautica, Soma and Alien Isolation. A survival/horror game set in mood and feel of The Abyss. That is a game that would be neat but one I would likely struggle with. As it is, I barely have been able to finish Soma because of how creepy it is. I loved Alien Isolation and its the superior game in my opinion but Soma maintained its dreadful scary factor. The Xeno did too but I developed coping mechanisms and techniques to help me eventually. I've never been able to come up with copy mechanisms for Soma lol. behindcouch