29 April 1915

Bailleul Town
Dugan Vystavel writes: "0500: Led Lt Aldaine on a Scouting Mission over the lines west of Lens. Very cloudy. Heavy German artillery barrage on our boys. The are using that and the weather to build up behind that area. We could see a lot of vehicles and tents, and some extra guns. 1 hour 45 minutes.
1220: Fred Aldaine and me together again to Bomb an enemy airfield. Weather still miserable. 1 hour 28 minutes.

Filimor Hance writes: "0607: Defensive Patrol over Abeele. Lt de Flassieux leading. Horrible weather. 1 hour 13 minutes.

Corrigan Aujla writes: "0619: Led Sgt Burr on a Scouting Mission over the front lines near Paaschendale. Overcast weather, dodged a couple of rain showers. Nothing of importance going on. 1 hour 49 minutes.
1034: Led Sgt Alford on a Scouting Mission over a balloon position north of Lens. They’ve been after us to attack the balloons for a while now. I couldn’t resist. We dove down to attack. I was too far away and Capt Williamson didn’t bother to fire. Alford managed to pull up very close, and Lt Harrity got off a good burst. I was amazed when the thing actually collapsed into a ball of flame! I circled once to make sure, and headed home. We had taken off into gloomy, cloud-filled skies, and by the time we were done it was pouring rain. I made it home alright, but without any sign of Alford and Harrity. I filed my report, saying that they should get all the credit as we hadn’t even fired a shot. It turns out that they came down somewhere near Givenchy. Whether they took a burst of Archie, suffered engine problems or just got lost in the rain and mist we’ll never know. What we do know is that we lost two good men today. At least they’ll have garnered a victory between them before they left us. Tonight we drink to Sgt Nicholas Alford and Lt Andrew Harrity.

Noel Kay writes: "Raining today."

Odis Forst writes: "Heavy rains sweeping through."

Lennart Altendorf writes: "Another storm is upon us."

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