Hi guys hope it's ok to ask. I'm seeing improvements and potential addons coming to WOFFUE,a new flyable aswell is on the way isn't it? It also seems that your "mulling" over other options in WOFF aswell

I love WOFFUE..in fact I love everything OBD has done and have been around since P2. And I absolutely look forward to anything OBD related Im just wondering if there's anything going forwards with regards to WOTR too. I'm loving the Spit,Hurricane and 109 and am just wondering if any new flyables/phases are in the works?. Please this isn't a rant or in any way a criticism. I'm loving WOTR and if the same love shown so far in this sim can be incorporated into new flyables/phases then what a brilliant WW2 aerial combat sim this could become.
I understand Dev teams keep their cards close to their chests but..if you don't ask you don't get thumbsup

Thanks OBD for 2 fantastic sims and I genuinely wish you all the success in the world going forwards.

"Vis unita fortior"

"United Strength is Stronger"