So switching to Survival mode has caused me to essentially deplete the fishery around my home. Ate 'em all smile

So I undertook a restocking program designed to get my food back. I captured a number of bladderfish, peepers and imported some reginalds from a different biome, and released them around my base. I want to see if they will 'breed' or repopulate. Will they?

The other thing I've done for food is plant a couple of bulbo trees in pots. One in my fabrication room and one in the moonpool. They aren't as nutritious as some other things I could have planted, but they don't require re-planting. Just slice a couple off and on your way. For folks that play Survival, what's your food plan?

Still using bladderfish for water. I seem to recall a filtration gizmo from my first run. Hoping I don't misremember as that would simplify things considerably.

Eventually I'll have the alien containment to breed the fish for a more reliable source. But for now I am still gathering them.

Edit: The next day....

Well, two things I've learned. It seems the fish don't breed. The three Reginalds are still three Reginalds. Maybe they just don't like each other, but it seems that it doesn't work that way. I'll give it more time to see.

The second thing is that the bulbo tress only have so many slices in them. After a certain number the tree is gone and requires replanting. Not a problem as long as you have another growing nearby.

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