Well, IMO the ending is well... ...bah

The "good side" was that it somehow fixed or "attempted to fix" the bull crap that was episode 5 was (for the reasons that I mentioned in my last post here in this thread). What I mean is that episode 6 was better than 5 (but IMO it's not that hard, really).

The "bad" or worse was IMO the Jon's ending. Yes, I understand the arrangement of Jon being sent to the Night's Watch although I also find it very stupid since what's the need for that?? As other's have said:
- The wall is now broken with a massive whole in it so any usefulness that it may or will have is now gone.
- The kingdoms are in good terms with the wildlings so what's the purpose of the Night's Watch (specially and again guarding a broken wall)?

Moreover the territory of the wall is now part of the new and independent kingdom of the North so I don't see why wouldn't the Queen of the North (Sansa) which was against sending Jon to the night's watch in the first place, pardon Jon and relieve him from his duties as a Night's Watchman??