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So Drogon is taking Danaery’s body where and to do what? Bury it? Dump it in the ocean? A brief comment is made later that Drogon was last seen heading east. And??

Dragons hate the cold. He picked her up and flew east where it's warm. It's a long flight and he needed a snack along the way. wink

And why did Drogon destroy the iron throne? Did it actually know what it was? If yes, that implies human intelligence and emotions.

He was pissed that his master was dead and was just venting..the walls all crumbled nicely, but that damned metal thing didn't immediately fall apart, so a little more effort was needed. And very symbolic in a story telling way. It didn't roast Jon because he's a Targarian...so you can suspend disbelief that a flying, fire breathing dragon can perform DNA tests by scent, but not that?

But the theory is that dragons are pretty smart - maybe dolphin smart.

And where did that huge unsullied army come from? Didn’t at least half her army die fighting the White Walker army?

The Unsullied didn't bother me - they held their own and that wasn't that many dudes - maybe 1,500 out of 8,000. I'm more shocked that there were any Dothraki hanging around.

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