I've played on it since Early Access but never got to far in the story. Right now I'm stuck and don't know what quite to do. I finally got the 300m module for the sea moth so I can go deeper. I've made a little base that I'm adding on to a little at a time so that I no longer have to run to my original escape pod for stuff. I already visited that Island and got into the alien base and went through some elevator but there looks to be a stargate that I don't know what it does. I suppose it becomes a portal eventually?

I'm just kind of stuck in one of those, "what do I do know". Is the best thing to do is to just keep exploring? Even though I just got the sea moth upgrade that's almost not enough as there seems to be more and more, deeper and deeper ocean to explore and I don't have all the parts for a cyclops yet which I've never had. I also got stuck in a real grindy mode for awhile combined with the not knowing where to go or what to do made me take a break from it. Any suggestions would be appreciated because I'd love to start getting more story out of it.