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Does anyone know why the final season only had 6 episodes? I have enjoyed the season but admit that it has felt a bit rushed.

The first 6 seasons of GOT each had 10 episodes. Then season 7 was cut down to 7 and then season 8 down to 6. I'm thinking this was done more for financial reasons and not creative reasons.

I thought it was that they got ahead of the source material, first seasons they had the books to write scripts from but the lasts seasons they were on their own using just a general outline
I think there are still two books of the series to come out.

To be honest I think at this point we need a mix of the show and the books to be sort of good. I am starting to feel like the book is just going no where since he introduced a lot of plot lines that are going nowhere too.

Dance of Dtagons was the worst of the books so far with the fake Targaryen floating down the river

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