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LOL Archie.

Can anyone think of another tv series where a major character was a protagonist for several seasons and then turned out to be the opposite in the last season of the show?

Not tv, but I still think this is an extreme “Dark Knight” type of thing. She’s making a major statement about tyrants by becoming the worst, to set Jon up to be the best polar opposite.
She’ll either die in her crusade to end tyrants, or go back overseas where she’s loved.
Doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been done differently, or better, but I suspect she’s trying to break a cycle here.
Gotta let a story be told! We’ll find out in a few days.

Thats some crazy theory right there. Either writers botched her story arc completely or you are saying they are so good that they put all this thinking behind how to put layers upon layers behind her transformation.

With one episode left, I am going to go with Writers botched her going cray cray and rushed it.

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