Honestly I hated the last episode.
And I hated it not because Danaerys turned "bad" or maniac - this was an interesting "turn of events" to say the least - but because of how the battles around King's Landing folded out in the latest episode.
Let's see:
- A small flotilla of 6 to 7 ships armed with scorpions managed to kill a dragon and forced the remaining dragon to retreat (even after this one tried to press on the attack).
- But then a huge city with a huge number of towers with apparently all of them or at least the majority of them armed with scorpions plus a huge fleet also armed with scorpions and none of this massive "anti-dragon resources" managed a single hit on the remaining dragon! rolleyes banghead
- I also didn't see a single attacker (man) being killed by the defenders despite the battles with very big numbers on the narrow streets of King's Landing. Actually the only attacker (man) that I saw being killed during the battle was one rapping a woman which was then killed by Jon.
- Finally how did Danaerys managed to retain a huge army to attack King's Landing (apparently bigger than the defending army) when the vast majority of her army (combined with the Northern armies) was simply destroyed by the undead on the previous battle??

IMO, by far the worse and "stupidest" battle of this series which is a shame since basically all the other battles were great (even the battle against the undead was IMO a million times better although there were others much better IMO).

Also IMO and with all this, this latest season is becoming a disappointment in what was otherwise an excellent series (probably the best of this century, if we exclude this latest season that is).