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Does anyone know why the final season only had 6 episodes? I have enjoyed the season but admit that it has felt a bit rushed.

The first 6 seasons of GOT each had 10 episodes. Then season 7 was cut down to 7 and then season 8 down to 6. I'm thinking this was done more for financial reasons and not creative reasons.

No idea, it's a mystery to me too. There's probably some BS reason, but really, GoT could have easily lasted 9 full seasons. Season 8 for the Night King, season 9 for the Iron Throne. It's not like people would suddenly get GoT fatigue, it seems like a cash cow to me. There's so much to tie up in 6 episodes (albeit longer episodes).

I know not everything will be tied up - as Dr Manhattan says, "nothing ever ends" smile

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