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Arya may go off the Faceless Man and take over that operation, then keep tabs on everyone. Lots of people need killin’ out there.
Sansa, queen of the north, reunited with Tyrion, Brienne her knight....Jon sits sadly on the Iron Throne with Sam as his Hand.
Wildlings take over The Watch, in the real north, but without the usual conditions. Who knows what else could be going on up there?

I would have thought Sam becomes Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. But then again, the question is whether there is still need for the Watch, with no enemies left. Instead, the Watch will be dissolved, the surviving members pardoned and freed from their vows, and Sam can marry Gilly and be happy ever after. Sam as Hand to Jon, I could see that, yepp. But then again, we had the farewell already, so I'm not sure we will see Sam in the final episode.
I already speculated earlier that the Faceless Man might still come for Arya, but I doubt it...
Apart from the obvious open main characters, I am also interested how Ser Bronn's story ends - earlier speculated that he might still kill Tyrion, but now with the benefactor of such a deed gone, I don't see why he would do so...
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Lots of fascinating speculation going on here. smile

I assume this series finale episode will be at least 90 minutes.

80mins, it is known!

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