Well, after watching this episode, I'm bummed. Probably mostly because I was pulling for Daenrys all these years, and then she disappointed me. Not that I didn't see it coming in the last few episodes. I welcomed the change in plot. Just that her down fall was sad. I felt bad for the Spider too. And Tyrion. And Jon...well everyone, especially the people of Kings Landing. But I thought it was a good episode overall. Again, statistically speaking, the next to last episode seems to always be the best of the season.

I thought Jaime and Cersei were fitting and correct. I would have preferred to see the Hound just knock the Mountain over the edge and that's it. Euron ended up the way I figured he would, in his arrogant way--so that was good. Turned out he was wrong anyway after all

How will it end? I think Jon will be forced to kill Daenrys. But the end could happen in many ways...


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