Thanks for wanting to try it! Seriously. Not many seem to favor small ship combat. Most prefer to carry a big stick, which is very effective, but a bit dull to me. Zipping around and getting your tags in is a lot of fun like you said. If you start to shed some mass, and can get back to the EP thrusters you'll have a lot more zip.

I was thinking about it last night. The slower you are, the more protection you'll need. If a Courier is no faster than say a Krait, it needs that high level of protection. But as you shed mass and gain speed, you still have high defense, it's just shifted from mj to speed and agility. Both are effective, but one is a lot more fun smile

Speaking of which, before you change it too much (not that you need to) would you mind posting your pitch/roll/yaw numbers? I'd like to see how the numbers compare with the different builds.

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