That's why this is such an interesting build. In some of my ships I feel as though I can just keep piling stuff on it and there's always room. Python, Krait, Conda...

But in the Courier it's like what ship designers have faced forever. How to balance speed, protection and firepower. If you go all in in one or two of those, the third is going to suffer. Difficult to get the balance. I started off with ultra-high speed as my goal. But as I built it I realized I needed more of the other stuff. At one point I was cruising at 620 and boosting to 830, but that had to come down as I sorted the weapons and protection. In the end I think I managed a really nice compromise build that really suits me. But it still leans toward speed no doubt. I feel like that and the high agility are it's best defense.

Those Bi-Weaves are really nice though. Your mj is double mine, and you'd be really well protected against collision. And that was my biggest concern with this ship, since I have no intention of PvP with it. NPCs can be tough, but they aren't that much of a threat really. But high speed collision was something I thought could do me in. And if I do die in this ship that will be part of what happened. My results so far have been interesting, and not necessarily what I had expected.

My ship with 551 mj is surprisingly good at bouncing off other ships at very high speed and shrugging it off. So much so that it shocked me a little when I had my first high speed crash. But as the collisions piled up I started to see that the damage I take seems to be tied to the speed of the ship that I collide with. The speed I am going seems to not matter. If the other ship is going very fast it can take out my shields. It's odd, but something to be aware of, and I'd be curious if anyone sees the same. Luckily, very few NPCs are going all that fast in a RES or a CZ.

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