I didn't even bother turning in my claims. But that was fun, and quite productive. Finished my Courier's beams yay.

I'm sure today came fast for ya Bo smile

Good to see Wingy back in the groove too.

Despite all that killing, my rank bumped a single point. That's the only negative about it. I sure wish that would move at a faster rate when winging up. I've said before that I don't care about the money. But if the rank ticked along a little faster that would be swell. Now at 61% Dangerous. Getting there, but a long road to hoe. After you jumped out the instance was chock full of Deadlys and Elites. Elite Eagles by the pound.

For the future I reckon there's no reason for Wingy to play spotter and medic while leaving the shooting to us. It just won't make enough of a difference in rank progression for him to be hitting them too, or not (if it does in the first place)

One of these get-togethers I would like to look in to hunting down some T-9s for mats.

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure