Blade, that prang certainly ought to earn the pilot (the infamous Pilot Officer Prune, by any chance?) an instant MHDOIF, to add to his DFC (and bar).

If anyone doesn't know what that is, you now have the priceless opportunity to learn something new about forces humour, RAF WW2 style smile

Edit: - see link here:

IIRC the book 'Freedom's Battle - the war in the air', reprinted in paperback a few years ago, contains a good few citations from Tee Emm for this award, along with many RAF doggerels like those of the RFC from WW1, but often more rude, with many unforgettable lines like like 'I didn't want to join the air force/I didn't want my *******s shot away' and 'They sent us out to Egypt, a very pleasant land/Where miles and miles of sweet eff-all are covered up with sand'. Recommended.

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