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+1 Don'tGiveAShit

History is full of boneheaded military moves, from the best of generals.
I'm not going to hang up about this.

I get a huge laugh out of the wannabe-armchair "generals" who whine about the tactics.

Exactly correct amount of soliders survived to carry the plot forward. Not one more or less.
It's not like they randomly roleplayed out the battle and wrote the script after that. :P

While true that folks shouldn't get too bent out of shape over tactics in a fantasy world, it was still pretty frustrating that apparently no medieval battle tactics expert was consulted on this :/
Cavalry charge as a first move into an unseen enemy of unknown numbers and makeup? Bleah smile I think it was done for the (admittedly cool) visual mechanic of flaming swords being extinguished.

Artillery at the front? Artillery at the back. You want to use it for as long as possible. Probably best not to send your cavalry in frst to lower their use even more :/

All the infantry in front of the trench? With the "plan" to all move across the tiny bridge when the moment seemed right? How were they expecting to do that while under zombie rage attack? :/

Everyone stares at each other when the trench is eventually lit. Why archers not frantically picking off as many as possible from the walls? :/

The great plan of having Bran in the Godswood, the most obvious trap in the world that a 8000 year old death warlock has never seen before. :/

Night King's main power is to raise the dead. Lets put our most vulnerable people in the crypt :/

Armchair general stuff for sure, but really, a day with Total War would have made a better plan.

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The long night battle sequence makes sense as they weren't fighting against a normal medieval army. The Dothraki
had to bait the wights into fighting as they were just standing there waiting. It was only when they were close to defeat when the night king came out and that was their only chance to win the war.

Yeah I'm not going to get too bent out of shape over it all. I'll just roll my eyes and roll with the story. After all what choice is there biggrin

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