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I just couldn’t believe the fleet sailed to King’s Landing all fat dumb & happy, right into Euron’s ambush. What was she doing with the dragons the whole time? Flying directly overhead to keep spirits up? Jon is the only other one who can ride a dragon, plus I presume he’d notice certain signs of military activity that Dany might not, so they both should have been out scouting. She knew about the scorpions from when the dragon was hit earlier, and would still have been able to see plenty while staying out of range.

My thought is that she should have occupied Dragonstone and started picking away at Cersei’s forces. The Houses that are on her side can’t have left many troops behind, fly dragons there to burn castles, crops, any industries, etc. Go make Casterly Rock look like Harrenhal. Attack wagon trains and ships bringing supplies. STEAL ships bringing supplies.

I’m a little surprised Missandei didn’t jump as a big F YOU to Cersei, instead of letting The Mountain behead her.

Yeah, the 2 dragons aloft yet they don't see all the ships coming right for them. And you're right, they already got butchered the last time in, why were they so care free coming into the same port this time.