Haven't seen the last episode, but can't resist some speculations anyway smile

I think Tyrion still tries to safe his sister, family and all - I wouldn't be surprised if he even died in the process of trying to protect here one way or the other. Could even be Ser Bronn who does the deed, and would be fitting, him saving Tyrion at the Erie and in the end taking it as well.
Whatever the plot of the Spider might be, it will get him killed - Lady Melisandre's prophecy was very clear about them both dying in Westeros, and I think it is safe to assume that it's not going to be a natural death for him. Maybe by the new Lord of the Whisperers or his minions?!
Arya - somehow I wouldn't be surprised if she got a deadly visitor - one does not simply abandon the service of the many-faced god (even so she got apparently a favorable farewell from Jaqen H'ghar). She received the training and became a way-to-big powerhouse (ab-)using her skills, she needs to be stopped.
The Hound? Clegane bowl for sure - I expect him to win and survive it, but after that he also becomes obsolete as a character.
Tormund dying in a wildling style attempt to "steal" Brienne?! Probably not, though it might by a special kind of twisted.
Daenerys vs Aegon/Jon? No idea, but favoring Jon... Hard to see a long-term coexistence after Cersei is defeated, not to mention Sansa stirring the northern (+Vale?) kettle accordingly.
Oh, and yes, Jaime to ultimately kill Cersei, could it be any other way?!?! Except for it being the obvious solution...

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