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Some new alliances were opened up and new conflicts too, but bottom line--
These massive multi season epic series, need to end with a full episode season arc, not this half the number of episode "lets close off all the threads of the last 7 years in half the time" final seasons.

We'd all loved more episodes this season, but it's somewhat offset by the length of the episodes.The last four each last like 80 minutes each. Thats twice the length of a normal TV show episode, close to a full movie (back when movies used to be 80-90 minutes long, not 200+ minutes biggrin )

They have spent 7 seasons moving the pieces, setting up the premise, resolving some of the bigger outstanding issues and the last 3 can focus on the final showdown. And how to turn it upside down to what we'll expect.
Because this is Game of Thrones, and getting what you see ain't part of the show biggrin

I can't wait for the final 3 episodes.