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I would suggest you never, ever watch The Walking Dead.

The folks in GoT are friggin' military geniuses compared to TWD.

If I were planning the battle, no matter what I'd of had the Dothraki charging head on in total darkness into an army of the undead. They were poison to Westeros and would have brought nothing but disaster and ruin if they'd of remained, trashing villages, taking slaves, etc.

At least in TWD we're dealing with civilians in extreme situations they are not equipped to deal with smile I would have hoped the writers of GOT would have got some medieval battle experts in. Or maybe just played some Total War biggrin The Dothraki clearly should have pincered in from both sides once the dead had moved in to the infantry.
But, then we wouldn't have got a admittedly cool visual mechanic of all the flaming swords being extinguished.

Having watched that episode again, I am rather less disappointed with it. I feel there is yet unshown details to emerge. For example,
what does Jon shout when he stands up to the dead dragon? Could it be "Go!"
That would indicate something else was happening. I wouldn't put it past the writers to deliberately troll the viewing audience this way wink

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