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If I were planning the battle, no matter what I'd of had the Dothraki charging head on in total darkness into an army of the undead. They were poison to Westeros and would have brought nothing but disaster and ruin if they'd of remained, trashing villages, taking slaves, etc.

Exactly, everyone was happy with this plan - the Dothraki got to show how macho they were in front of the Westerosi who fight wearing steel dresses, and Westeros doesn’t have to deal with their barbarism. Even with the reanimated Dothraki later fighting against the Westerosi after the Night King raised the dead it was still a win for Westeros. The only way it could have been better is if the battle with Cersei had already taken place so they could have killed a few of her troops before later being deliberately sent gloriously charging headlong into the meat grinder.

I don’t see what the big deal was about Arya appearing in the Godswood. Everyone saw her run off from The Hound and Dondarrion and had to know she was going SOMEWHERE, not running from the fight like a craven. It wasn’t like she went directly from being surrounded by wights in the keep, armed only with Littlefinger’s dagger, to leaping onto TNK’s back. The whole series was nothing but unexpected moment after unexpected moment, making you shout “WTF?!?!” and hit rewind. (Or just sit there stunned and feeling like you just got punched in the stomach.) Unexpected? Wash being killed by a huge Reaver spear through the chest in Serenity was unexpected. After 7 seasons of GOT not even TNK killing Bran should have been too much of a surprise to anyone.


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