Whoever created the battle strategy for Winterfell has never played Total War or Stronghold ...

- Whose first move is to send their cavalry into massed infantry in a head on charge before they've even started using ranged weapons and then engaged with infantry?
- Who puts their catapults out in front of their infantry?
- Who builds castle walls full of handholds and footholds for the enemy?
- Who allows the enemy to scale their walls without covering them in boiling oil or at least parking a fire breathing dragon there to scorch them off?
- Whose moat (in this case of fire) can by crossed by a couple of infantry laying across it?
- Who protects a High Value Capture Point (Bran in Godswood) in close quarters combat with only a few archers?

And don't get me started on the whole 'who the hell lands their dragon on the ground during a battle' question.


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