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I'm thinking more and more how Ayria got to the Night King....and I wonder...is it possible for her to have taken on the form of one of his generals? Can she take the face of an undead?


I wondered so as well, especially with the one of them turning his head just before her attack. But then again, them white walkers tend to break into shards when killed - would need a lot of superglue to put a face back together screwy
Regarding the Dothraki charge instead of flanking and harassing against vastly superior numbers - indeed a strange way to apply a light (and ranged - haven't seen any of that) cavalry - but I would put the blame on the general coming up with such a cunning plan. Must have been the same guy that taught Theon about attacking with a spear - he did a great job in the defense, stabbing them at range etc. But as soon as he goes on attack, charge into enemy melee range - didn't work out very well… Maybe Bran should have warged into him? Or maybe he did - he never was a great fighter banghead
Regarding the story and plans of the Night King, I hope in the books we will get an hour or five of Bran reciting at the fireplace.

The dominating scheme from season 1 still holds, old people must die - I have grave fears for Ser Davos to see the end of it...