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The “Black Knights” are a U.S.-based virtual squadron that has been flying co-op multiplayer missions in combat flight sims for over 15 years. We’re a group of dedicated virtual and real-world pilots who enjoy the teamwork and fellowship that accompanies flying cooperative missions together vs AI . Our squadron specializes in Air-to-Ground and multi-role missions, offering a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft to choose from.

Squadron members design our own elaborate missions and campaigns in-house, offering something unique and new to fly every week. Unlike repetitive or canned missions hosted on 24/7 servers, our missions feature backstories, online and pre-flight mission briefings, and realistic depictions of historical battles as well as fictional ‘what if’ scenarios. If you are looking for a structured multiplayer mission experience that goes beyond what single-player can offer, this is it!

Having recently completed a tour of duty in the AV-8B, the “Black Knights” are preparing to undergo familiarization training in the F-14 Tomcat... offering an opportunity to fly as a PILOT or RIO in our co-op format. We are now accepting pilot candidate applications to fill a limited number of openings in the squadron for our F-14 FAM training.

Candidates must be willing and able to commit on a regular basis to participating once a week on Monday nights, from 20:00 – 23:30 Central Time with the squadron. Candidates who successfully complete the FAM and demonstrate a commitment to the squadron will be winged and offered full membership.

For more information on joining the Black Knights Squadron, please visit our website.

Website: http://www.blackknightssquadron.com

CO Black Knights