Maybe it was just the mood I was in, maybe I have to watch it again, but I think I liked the Battle of the Bastards more than I did the Battle of Winterfell. I really felt more for the characters there, especially for Jon Snow, especially when he was being trampled unknowingly by his own men...there was alot of empathy there. Then the outcome and how Ramsay got his just desserts wrapped everything up well.

The Battle of Winterfell, I too had the issue that out of nowhere here come Arya Stark. the way she kills the Night King was great, but WTF did she come from? It seemed like lazy writing to me. But, I think overall it was not bad. I had a hard time dealing with the whole episode being at night at first because they filmed the fight scenes with such a close angle you really couldn't tell how was hacking who. I did get used to it after awhile and then the whole battle just became creepy. You can't see who is who, you don't know who you are fighting or who will jump you next, and they're DEAD to begin with.

It really sucked that the Dothraki were wiped out in an instant, but it was cool in the manner that they filmed that, seeing their flaming sickle swords going out one by one. Then the few horses coming back riderless...

Melisandra...It was good I thought that she was there to redeem herself, and to ultimately give herself up in the end. I almost forgot about her amulet...I kinda wish they showed her growing old as she walked off into the....sunrise?

Sansa sure has alot of explaining to do. I can see the Crypt survivors going, "Hey, she was gonna run and leave us and bring that imp with her!"

The Hound---I have a feeling that really was keeping him from fighting back was that there was so much fire involved.

Did Tormund survive? I hope so. What about the dragon that was overrun by zombies? I wasn't clear on that. What exactly is the undead dragon breathing? I keep thinking back to my AD&D days and how blue dragons had icy breath...what was his dragon's blue flame? Also, what about Sam? Did he live?

That really sucked when the Night King raised the dead just as Jon Snow got to him. I'm very surprised that he survived that.

It also sucked when the crypt corpses came alive. That was a dirty trick on the Night King's part. Man it would suck to be say Sansa and get killed by zombie Dad Stark.

MVP fighter of the Battle of Winterfell? Lyanna Mormont. She kept rallying the troops throughout, keeping command and control, and despite being in a killing crush of the giant, she friggin took him out singlehandedly! Way to go! Then, she rises from the dead to wreak more havoc (well, onto her own side, but hey, she kept fighting!!!)

Most heart-wrenching death? Jorah Mormont. After all he'd been through, for Danerys, and there he was at the end, fighting for her, and slipping into death after saving her without even a last word.

Next most heart-wrenching death? Theon Greyjoy. Again, after all he'd been through....seeing him lying there slowly dying as Brann gets overrun...that sucked.

Most useless and wasteful person? Brann. Never liked the guy, and especially now. OO, he turned to the 3 eye crow and can see what is going on. Big deal, give the engineers of Westeros enough time and they'll have a drone too. All those people died for him and for what? What did he possibly contribute to the cause? I thought that if they really wanted to make it interesting, they should somehow reveal that he and the Night King are somehow one and the same, or have some kind of symbiosis going, because all this time I kept thinking about how similar the two looked.

My random, rambling thoughts....


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